Thursday, July 7, 2011

Red Glam!! :)

Hello Readers!! :)

Since some of you ask me how to use a soft stamp, i did a simple mani using it :) 

Red Glam Nail Art using Soft Stamp
So now this is it! :)

First you need to apply a polish directly on the stamp
Now continue pressing it to get rid of the excess polish. You can see my yellow nails there.. huhu

now apply it on the upper part of your nails, but before that let it leave for seconds to let the polish to get more tacky, if you apply it after pressing you will just have a thin finish. so every time i used soft stamp i need to count at least 3-5 seconds, haha 
you need to press it on your nails so don't apply it when your base color is not yet dry. so again.. you just need to wait. lol 

now repeat the instructions and apply it on the bottom part of your nails :) 

This is your outcome :)
so which you prefer?? image plate or soft stamp?
if you ask me, i love them both..hehe actually im not using a right polish for this product, i used a ordinary polish, so i think if you used  the right polish it might work easier. hope i help a little :)
thank you! :)


  1. Oieeeeee obirgado pela visita
    adorei seu blog e estou seguindo tb =)
    lindas as unhas =)

    Hi Thanks for visit my blog
    i love your blog and i'm follow your blog too
    beautiful nails =)



  2. That's crazy talk! Ha I've never seen soft bizarre! I am still getting used to using image plates and incorporating them into my manis....I am always scared to use non-special polish

  3. This is another cute mani!

    I have soft stamps too but I like using regular one lol~

  4. Oh wow! I like it!

  5. where can you get soft stamps? i've never seen them before

  6. Hii thank you for your sweet comment <3

    I'm following you to ! Very beautifull nails !

    I'm still waiting for my nail polish set to arrive to finally do some cute designs =( . Hey, if you ever want to do something together for fun .. like coorporating in a eye or nail design just let me know ^^ It would be cool for a change


  7. @Unhas pintadas e cia - no prob sweetie! mwah! :)

    @Melissa Birch - haha yes! but since for those who don't have special polish they can do experimenting. hehe like what i always do. hihihi! :) mwah! :)

  8. @Anastacia - hehe thanks sissy! :)

    @imfeelingnail-venturous - thank you hun! :)

    @NailsByCourteney - i bought it on online shop, im not sure if she still sell it now, maybe on ebay. :) its name is ENAS SOFT STAMP

    @Maria - ow! i loved to!! :) i will visit your blog to check your new designs :) mwah! :)

  9. Never heard before of soft stamping, looks nice!

  10. wow! I have never seen soft stamps before! looks amazing!

  11. That looks good. I'll be putting a soft stamp on my wishlist!

  12. Ah I just did my first konad with a stamper! I blogged about it this morning! They are so fun!

  13. @Maartje - yep sweetie! mwah! :)

    @grzee - try it too sweetie! :)

    @♥ Claire ♥ - its really nice and less mess than image plates :)

    @Lacquered Lover - wow! gotta visit your blog sweetie! :)

  14. I like you nails. Sana matututo din ako nito

  15. oo a stamp...might need to get that soo pretty i love your nail and thanz for the tip!

  16. @Sweethestia - madali lang yan sis, hehe! try mo rin i will check your post hehe! maybe next time try ko gumawa ng tutorial,hehe!

    @Mi_Mi - thank you! :) im so happy that i help you :)


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