Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Stamping Polish

Hello readers! :)

today i want to share my new stamping polishes it's FAB SPECIAL POLISH, i want to share this coz its really beautiful!!! i love the colors!! :) did you know that i just order 11 colors but then the seller gave me 4 more polishes and 2 image plates, just for free!!! hehehehe! i really love them! :) gosh! this is my first time ever having a stamping polish,hehe and of course from now on you can see lots of stamping nail art designs,hihihihi! sorry for bragging this things,haha what can i say? im just happy for having this stuffs!! hihihi! :)

by the way i want to thank my eldest sister,hihihi coz she gave me some money so i can buy this stuffs haha :) thank you ATE!!(ate means eldest sister in tagalog)



hello sweeties! :) thank you for stopping by. :)
all your comments are really appreciated, i will answer them the best i could :)

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