Sunday, July 3, 2011

help me fashion bloggers!!!! :) i need your HELP!

hello there! :)

hehe waaah! i feel like i lose weight don't know why! hahaha or maybe because i just think about it, lol! actually i really really want to be sexy and i think everybody does,haha 

im not into fashion trends today,but every time i saw other bloggers talks about their fashion, i feel like i want to try it too,haha  duh?!! i want to be fashionable too!hehe im a girl who always wear T-shirts, polo shirts and typical jeans, coz what i really care is to feel comfortable. do you have any suggestions my dear fashion bloggers?? this is my picture, would you mind if i ask some of  fashion trends that looks good and cool to me? i will appreciate all your comments (good or bad)

what do you think?haha sorry for blurry pics  :)


  1. maybe some dresses ? :) I very like dresses.

  2. I always wear some printed T-Shirts and jeans too. So, I guess I would also need some advice... :)

  3. No meu Blog tem modelitos para as meninas um pouquinho cheinhas.
    São bem bonitinhos. Tem modelos brasileiras gordinhas fazendo sucesso no exterior, veja lá. Beijos.

  4. @Paulina - gosh! i never try to wear dresses :P

    @Biba - hehe same here sis! :)

    @Turquezza - i irá verificar o seu querido blog! :) Obrigado! :)

  5. To me, a dress would really suit you. It would bring out the girly and cuteness in you:) You could also add a belt on your waist to show a more contour body:)

  6. @DeyiMizu - hmmm.. i think i better try it! hehe i will post it soon! hehe i love all Fashion Bloggers!!!! :) im so jealous to you guys.. hehe!

  7. thanks for following me! I follow back!
    I think you shouldn't lose weight, you're fine. When I was at school I used to wear jeans, T-shirts, etc that made me feel comfortable. Don't feel weird about that. Just be yourself. Try not to imitate other people's style. Go to the stores and try on different kind of clothes in order to find things that you didn't know that looked good on you. You have a nice figure, so I'm sure that you'll look lovely with dresses, skirts...
    I hope I helped a little. Feel free to ask whatever you want.

  8. empieza por un vestido o falda, con zapatos de taco 5, averigua cual es lo que mas te gusta y te ves bien, tu comodidad sera tu estilo, depende de tì, variar y combinar el estilo

  9. @Miss Starshiny - so touchy! i love your comment hun! and your right all i need to do is to be fashionable in my own way :) thanks! :)

    @deysi - wow! talóns? hehe salto cunha é o meu favorito, grazas deysi:)

  10. hello girl, You won a prize in my blog, because really liked your blog.

  11. I think you look very pretty!!

    You should wear what you like! I love asian fashion! maybe trying googling Japanese or Korean fashion ;D

  12. @tata-nadaver - thanks for the award hun! :) i will post it later :)

    @Nailderella - thank you sweety! :) mwah!

  13. i think for your figure and compfort as well you should try leggings and pair them with shirts that you can sinch with belts for example long camis, flatering flanels, and shorter dresses
    theres nothing wrong with not being a size 2 btw there are many fabulous vulobtuous/plus size women and they work it, just be you, and if your going to work on your weight do it for health over what you think is sexy(: and i really dont think you need to lose weight at all
    i hope i helped?

    <3 BB

  14. @BeautyBehaved - you really helped me sis! i love it! thanks for all flattering comments hehe! mwah!

  15. To me, style is another way for me to express mself, so I think your style should represent you and what you like. In my case, it's lots of colors, and really fun sneakers! Trends come and go, but if you choose pieces that you really like regardless of whether they're in style, you'll never get tired of them and you'll be able to put together a style that is uniquely represents you =)

  16. @Eileen - thanks sis! that's really sweet! :) i saw your blog and your really into sneakers,hehe so cute!

  17. A waist dress or skirt would really suit you :).
    Like I already red you like to wear jeans and comfy clothes. Jeans is always 'in' you just have to buy the right ones, and all different types. ;D Bleached/dark/skinny/straight/vintage/beige/white.. :)
    Keep your style (because your own style is the best own) but just 'pimp' it with some nice accessoires or with fashionable jackets or blazers.
    Hope this helped.
    Love xx

  18. @Lupe - awww... im really happy that you do comment here,hihihi actually i want to try different clothes/fashions, now im planning to buy skirts and other dresses, weeehh! hehe im really excited!!! :) thanks lupe dear! :) love lots! :)


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