Thursday, July 7, 2011

Changing Polish It's Magic! LOL

Hello there!

Today i want to share my review for this 2 changing polish i own :) One is Del Sol Ruby Slippers and Del Sol Island Fever.

This is Del Sol "Island Fever"  indoor shot. Its a sheer type of polish its color is lime green in indoor. I apply 3 coats

Del Sol "Island Fever" outdoor shot. Hmm... i think it turns into a teal or dark green?? ehehe im not sure hehe! but it didn't satisfies me. :)

This is Del Sol "Ruby Slippers" indoor shot. i apply 2 coats. (Sorry for my yellowish nails,haha) it is a clear polish with glitters. And this is my Favorite!!! :)
Del Sol "Ruby Slippers" outdoor shot! this is really beautiful you can really see the difference. its like magic on your nails, haha

Since i only have 2 changing polish my favorite among the 2 is Ruby slippers i think since its a transparent polish with glitters i want to try to overlay it on some polishes i think bronze polish can make a Red Metallic look. :)

thanks for visiting! :)


  1. wow! those are so nice! such unique nail polish!

  2. I really like Ruby Slippers!

  3. I like 'em both, but second one was my favorite! :D

  4. i love the last one- Ruby Slippers! loosk amazing! :)

  5. @Anastacia - thanks sis! hehe! mwah!

    @Biba - i love it too! :)

    @Sandra - same here! :)

  6. OI querida, sou do Brasil, também tenho um blog. Estou seguindo o seu. Segue o meu?
    Aguardo sua visita, ficarei muito feliz!

  7. I love Ruby Slippers! Amazing how the shade can change so drastically xx

  8. Love "Ruby Slippers" :) The first 2 however so sheer! :L

  9. @Diva - i followed you back dear :) mwah! :)

    @Artist by Design - yes, very! hehe :)

    @Penelope - same here hehe! :)

    @Mila - yes its very sheer especially the first 1 i think you need 5 coats to achieve the changing color in te sun..LOL

  10. I loved the nail polish! I had never seen them yet!
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  11. wow! i love your blog! the nail polish look is sooooo cute :) thank you for stopping by my blog and i am definitely following you!

  12. I loooove Del Sol!! I got one in Puerto Rico last year, it's so gorgeous!!!

  13. How many beautiful glazes!
    Very nice your blog.
    Come honor my blog. Follow me as well.

  14. I think Ruby Slippers has a more noticeable change in color. Nice.

  15. @Ellen - Cupcakes Fun - thank you! :) i will check it :)

    @Beauty-holic-4life - im really honored that you like my blog too :) yours is cool! :)

    @Emily - yay! hehe! what color is yours? i love del sol too! :)

    @Blog da Marcy - hehe i will check your blog! thanks for following me, :)

    @Trixie of Nailfiled - yes you're right, that's my favorite! :)

  16. Nice review! following you dear! thank you xx Joice

  17. These are such great colors! You have really nice nail beds to work with :)

  18. @LOVE JOICE - thanks sweetie! :)

    @Eileen - aww.. thank you so much :) mwah! :)

  19. I LOVE the bottom sparkly one, it's brilliant! xo

  20. i love the last colour soo pretty^^

  21. @Wild Flower - hihi that's my favorite too :)

    @Mi_Mi - thank you! your so sweet! :)


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