Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Playing with Needles

Hello Readers! :)

This is my 3rd post for the day :)  My third post named "Playing with Needles". I called it that because i used needles to make this design. And i think some of you already seen this. :)  I think this design will look more beautiful if you used Red, Yellow and Green combination :) if you want to try this design i suggest you try that combination :)
On my nails i blend Dark blue to Light Blue polish to create gradient effect(does it looks gradient?lol!)  coz im really a fan of blue colors! hehe i really love them :) this is my mani

Playing with Needles
LOL i forgot to tell, always be careful while using needles :)
these are some pictures

put fimos to add some flavor :)

i really really love blue polish!! hihihi
thanks for viewing my blog! :)




  1. Cool idea! It's so original :) Maybe I'll try it soon ^^

  2. Vim agradecer sua visita em meu blog, estou seguindo o seu. Sou brasileira treinando meu inglês (que é bem precário). Tenho tradução pelo Google Chrome o que facilita as conversas. Fui conhecer o blog da Vergara e estou seguindo também. Vocês são maravilhosas! Se quiser me seguir vou gostar muito.

  3. the nails are really nice!! I like the flower you put on there too

  4. neeLai,that's kind of a neet design.Pretty color too. Would you mind giving us a step-by-step tutorial with either pics as you go or a youtube vid? I would like that!

  5. @Iza - thank you very much! :)

    @Turquezza - yey! Maintenant, je peux comprendre votre langue, hehe merci Sweety! c'est ok mon anglais est encore pauvre, je ne sais pas si tous mes grammaires ya droit mwah haha,! Merci Sweety!

  6. @-Diana- thank you! i really love your blog! :)

    @Pop Champagne - thanks! :)

  7. @thalie - oh! i would love too! :) maybe later i can do the tutorial :) thanks sweety! :)

  8. @imfeelingnail-venturous - thanks for your sweet comments :) i really appreciate it! :) mwuah! :)

  9. I love this and blue shade you used is pretty.
    thanks for following my blog, I followed you back.

  10. @Hollie - ow! there you are! :) thank you! that polish is bobbie :)

  11. These are my favorite!! you should do tutorials!


  12. @Zaina - yes i will do the tutorial ^_^


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