Tuesday, June 7, 2011


here again! Hehe! Another post about my friends. This pictures are taken while we’re making our programs. LOL we’re all haggard that time coz we have lots and lots of systems to do. Almost all of our subject have projects.. Zzzz.. We’re humans not robots..haha! 

This is Jen,hehe! Working on her Docu

Glaiza working on my laptop..ehem! haha mwuah!

Sshh... they're all sleeping.. haha so i have my chance to capture some pics.haha

this is me,hehe! i don't know what should i add on my Thesis so i  just pose and pose and pose haha
crazy little me.lol

working again..hehe

Haha i Love this Picture They're like Mermaids,hahaha!
that is sara, jeno and raffie LOL

i miss our overnight study..! 

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