Sunday, June 12, 2011

Red and Black


Been busy for several days, hehe! Today i want to share to you my inspired nail art from Tartofraises 
Thank you Ms. Tartofraises. *tsup! i really adore all her works, she's really talented! if i have the opportunity i really want to meet her one day. ^_^ hehe! 

by the way this is my nail art.

Tartofraises Design ^_^

Hope you like it! ^_^ im not a pro like tartofraises..hehe!


  1. OMG, LOOVEE this! You did a great job with the lines.

  2. @minty - hehe! i used Nail Dot Pen from the face shop, actually when you see tarto's design its really much gorgoues than mine, lol! thank you! really happy that you appreciate it, :p
    hehe! mwuah! :)


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