Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cute Duck on my HANDS!! :p


i want to share this baby duck,LOL! She's soooo CUTE!! LOL  i really love this picture!!! haha can't say a word but CUTE. ahaha!

oh, by the way about my nail art. For the lines i used Nail dot pen from the face shop. i used nfu oh #65 for the color inside those lines. ^_^

shes smiling!hehe

now shes sleeping

hihihi really Cute!

hahaha waaahh! Really Cute! :p


  1. ay bibi! why do u have a bibi there? ha ha ha. i love the color club polish. is it made of glitters?

  2. too cure - duck and the nails :-D

  3. @kate - mamu yeah there's a bibi on your bibi's nails,haha

  4. @nail crazy - hehehe! thanks! mwuah! ^_^

  5. @MINTY - hihi! thank you minty mwuah!


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