Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bonding with chow-chow

Today I want to share to you our bonding moments with Chow-Chow! Hehe While we’re hanging around at Bonifacio High Street(located at Taguig,Philippines) with my friends we saw lots of Chow-Chow! I think 8 of them. 

Actually I’m really happy that time! Hahaha coz chow-chow is one of my wish list! They’re sooo Cute! They’re like teddy bears! Hihihi! My brother planned to breed chow-chow. I can’t wait! Waaaaahh! Hehehe! By the way this are some of our pictures. Hehe

See his Smiling! hehe!


Sandy and ME ehehe with cute chow-chow

the Black one!

This is the owner i think.. ehehe

they're so cute!!! can't wait to have that one, and of course also husky! hehe! ^_^  

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