Thursday, June 2, 2011


Summer here in the Philippines is just ended. But there are several of outings that I didn’t post here.
One of our Outings are:

My Sister is a Head Nurse on their Clinic here on Taguig, Philippines. One of the Doctors there planned an outing for her Birthday Celebration. So we went in Montalban Rizal. The place were beautiful, the view there is  really awesome! The Resort is exclusive only for the home owners there. It has Golf course, Jacuzzi,etc. We really enjoyed there,haha The Doctor said that Tito, Vic and Joey have houses there. They are the first who built a house. And its really funny that I forgot the name of their Resort..haha! these are some pictures. 

Picture while we're inside the van,  its so steep!

My Sister and my Niece

(From left to right) my niece's friend,my sister, my niece and I

I and my Niece

My Sisters Co-nurse just planned a night swimming on their place, Its really fun! I’m not good in swimming class but I love to swim, haha! These are some pictures

My Niece 

Swimming time! I and my Niece

My Sister and my niece


My Sister's co-nurse

My niece Lorice Celebrated her 9th Birthday. We planned to celebrate a swimming. The Resort’s Name is Sea Breeze. It’s Holy Week and its sooooo crowded!! But we enjoyed it! ^_^ especially the slide there.. haha! I think we try it 10x hehe! These are some pictures

Haha my niece and i

My Father. ^_^

Haha SMILE!! ^_^ Im sooooo FAT!!

My brother, niece, nephew and my Sister

Woooo Slide!!

See its so crowded.. lol

So after those outings, what do you think my skin look like?? Hahaha of course im so black…. Haha Actually I really forgot to put sunblock.  But I don’t care! Coz I really enjoyed those days! ^_^
This picture proved how black I am. Haha


hahaha! ^_^

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