Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Trip to Tagaytay

Another late post  :p hehe this is our trip to Tagaytay with Comsci Students,hehe the place is so beautiful! We went to Palace in the Sky, Lucky Me and Gardenia Company  While on the bus. We took some pictures, hehe

We're at Lucky Me company

At Gardenia


This are other pictures  ^_^

this is Jeno my crazy friend, haha

Renz, Me, Glaiza and Jessa

Me and Glaiza while resting..hehe

See! haha we really are enjoyed! ^_^

CS with our beautiful proffesor. ^_^

Me and Glaiza while on the bus. hehe

Katrina. hehe!

Odgi, Keng and Me


While outside Gardenia and walking..haha

Donny, Glaiza and ME

See the view is awesome! hehe Just scroll down and you will see some pics of the views! Philippines is really Gorgeous country. ^_^

Jamal, Jessa, Renz, Me and Donny

Jeno on his EMO side, LOL

This is the beautiful views!!! Isn't Philippines really a beautiful country? ^_^ 
this is just only one of the most beautiful scenery here in the Philippines. ^_^

I LOVE IT!!!! 

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