Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Little Daisy


Today i want to share to you one of my favorite nail design. This is really simple. I love all the colors blend together hehe! For those who are not a fan of colorful polish and nail art with lots of colors/designs, this Mani really fits you :)  And of course because im a fan of holo and glitter polish my base there is a mid holo polish. Its Bobbie "Purple Passion"  the color almost look like Color Club Fashion Addict. So i decided to buy Bobbie instead of Color Club coz it's a lot cheaper. It only cost almost less than $1 while color club cost around $6  see?? but that's their price here in the Philippines :)

So lets take a sneak on my mani :)

My Little Daisy using Bobbie purple passion for my base color

I really love the daisy on my ring finger and its really easy to do, maybe i post another tutorial for the daisy, or maybe some of you know how to do it :) these are some of my pictures

My Little Daisy

see the holo? i love this pic its like vintage :)

i don't know why but this mani is really charismatic to me :)
hope you like it lovelies! :)


  1. That is such a cute design. You have skills. =)

  2. I love these, theyre sweet!


  3. @JC ♔ - thanks! hehe mwah!

    @feedkmayeorchids - thank you! mwuah! :)

    @♥ Claire ♥ - thanks claire! :)

  4. @Forever Miss Vanity - thanks for following! :) mwah!

    @seema ghazal - thank you! :)

    @Zaina thanks sweety! :)

  5. @BeautyBehaved - thank you! i really love it too! :)


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