Sunday, June 12, 2011

Violet World :p


Hehe just want to share this nail art design. :p
My base color is Color Club Wild at Heart. I really love its color. It's very opaque and good for stamping. And also, i used ENAS Soft Stamp for the leaf. this design is very simple yet pretty,ehehe!
do you find it pretty too?? :p  hehehe! this is my mani today.hehe

Sorry for the messy application. :p

thanks for reading. ^_^

yehey! i have 23 followers! hehe! realy appreciate it! mwah! *group hug!  :)


  1. nice mani, but you're right, it's a bit messy ;-)

  2. I don't mind the messiness at all! I hardly even noticed. This manicure looks great to me!

  3. @claire - i love it too!hehe!

    @nail crazy - yep its really messy,hehe! i'm really in a hurry while applying it, LOL

  4. @minty - hihihi i really appreciate it minty, hihi soo happy. ^_^ love yah! ^_^


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